Who we are


Turing College is a one-of-a-kind accredited online AI college. We train machine learning, data science, analytics, web technology in 6-24 months and help people to get a job or a raise afterward.

We’ve raised +$3M in funding and were 1st Lithuanian startup backed by Y Combinator. We have 1000 active students from 20+ countries; we’re cashflow positive and on the path to having 2500 active students in 2024.

In 2023, our data bootcamp programs were selected as one of the best in the world by CourseReport and Fortune Magazine.

Our vision - Help millions get AI & tech skills needed to foster society to a more productive, peaceful future.

Why us?

Getting a higher education accreditation required years of bureaucratic work and millions of dollars. We managed to get accreditation with our partner’s Woolf help!

In the higher education industry, it’s a very game-changer. Why? Most university systems have lobbied local governments to create legislation not letting new incumbents like us get the license. This is partially why there has been little or close to no innovation in higher education in the last 100 years. Higher education is the industry's $2 trillion market, so naturally, universities aren’t willing to bring competition to it.

We’re here to change that and make higher AI education affordable, high quality, and accessible to anyone, anywhere. Once we are done with AI, we can scale to other verticals.

We’re hiring

To achieve this vision, we’re hiring:

Country Manager - Poland

Creative Performance Lead

Turing College is hiring engineers 🚀

Mentors (Senior Team Leads)

Head of Growth Marketing

Affiliate & Influencer Marketing Manager

Digital Content Coordinator